F&F x H&L Deck


Small shops like First and First are where we fell in love with skateboarding as kids, and long before we ever dreamed of creating our own clothing brand you could have found us sketching out haphazard board designs between classes.

We might not pick up our boards as often as we did then, but we still owe a tonne to skateboarding for introducing us to streetwear culture and the simple idea that we could create something entirely our own just by doing it. It’s been a trip to work so closely with First and First to develop our first collab deck and we’re proud to say that like everything we make, we manufactured them right here in Canada.


Available in Sizes 8, 8.25, 8.5

Made in Canada from 100% pure Canadian maple

Note: When ordered from us grip tape is not applied to board. You can purchase the boards from First and First in store, and there they can apply grip tape and all the fixen's that your heart desires.