Life's a trip w/ Kevin Tidalgo

To this day people still get surprised when they see Kevin Tidalgo holding a guitar...

“I’ve already established myself as a DJ and people still see me as just a DJ, so when they see me playing guitar, I have to tell them I’ve played my whole life,” he said. While Kidalgo has been a mainstay on the Saskatoon club scene for years, he’s more recently appeared as a guitarist for Regina’s Samurai Champs. 

Tidalgo was introduced to the guitar by his dad, who was a huge classic rock and hair metal fan. “If you see me around wearing old band shirts, they definitely belonged to my dad,” Tidalgo said. In fact, it was actually his dad who put him in guitar lessons, and he stuck with them until around the time he finished up high school.

At that point, Tidalgo started to get more into hip hop and DJing. While going to school in Vancouver he was even flying back to Saskatoon almost every weekend to DJ at the now-defunct Tequila Nightclub. 

However, Tidalgo’s talents aren’t limited to just his music; he’s also an accomplished graphic designer. Given his DJing background, it’s no surprise that his graphic design is influenced heavily by hip hop. This mix of skill sets has given him an edge because of the symbiotic relationship of visual art and music. 

“As a DJ, I had to brand myself, and as a graphic designer, I had the skills to do that. That let me jump a lot of levels.”

Tidalgo believes that having more than one outlet keeps him from getting burned out on any one project or idea, adding that he likes staying busy through different creative approaches. 

On top of this, Tidalgo said he wants to remind people that it’s ok to go your own way and do what makes you happy. ‘There’s no reason you should stop doing things because they’re ‘not cool.’” he said, “There’s no time limit on the things you want to do.”

Written by Scott Davidson.


Artwork provided by Kevin TidalgoSpecial thanks to Insomniak Media for providing the photography.