Catchy songs aren’t a crime, says Hattie.


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You may have a unique Hattie story, but that doesn’t make you all that unique - if you hang around the prairies long enough you’ll likely end up with a good one. I’m guessing you might have caught him at the waterslides for his birthday (or your birthday?), or you ran into his action figure on display at your favourite venue, or your story is more simple than that, maybe he just helped you move your couch...then slept on it for the night.

This is the perfectly strange beauty of Hattie. While everyone else is becoming more obsessed with what other people think of every move they’re making, Hattie is just becoming more obsessed with making whatever he wants to, from the comfort of his infamous 1906 estate.

Howard & Lloyd had the chance to sit down with Hattie ahead of his upcoming project, enjoy.


H&L: So the video we’re teasing here is for your new song Lemon Fingers. In your mind what fruit (other than lemons) would make for the worst fingers?

Hattie: Limes! But you gotta love these people anyways. It’s a tough life having citrus fruits for fingers. Scrapes, having something in your eye, normal bodily maintenance of single people, it’s all extra haphazard when the citrus fruits are your fingers.

H&L: Shit, that’s true! We’re all praying for you citrus fingered folk out there. So, we’ve personally seen the new video, and there’s some pretty cool camera and audio work going on (Shoutout to the crew at King Rose Visuals). Without giving too much away, what was the most challenging part of putting this video together? Any particularly memorable moments?

Hattie: The biggest challenge honestly was trying to make something intriguing and beautiful that matched the song with the budget and time constraints we had. We shot the whole thing in about 3 hours from the time Garrett showed up til he was all packed up. My favourite scenes are the ones where Jasper (the dog) is having fun and really hamming it up for the camera. I had a little red bobber on the end of a fishing line I was casting out in the field for him and he absolutely LOVED it… even though he could never find it in the grass haha. Most efficient way to wear a pup out.

H&L: Fair enough, I mean having a big dog is essentially spending 80% of the time trying to find ways to wear them out… so thanks for the advice! Moving along... This is the third full project for Hattie, with the first two albums having their own unique direction and sound. What can you tell us about the direction of the new album specifically?

Hattie: I have some new singles coming out over the year, Lemon Fingers being the first. The direction is just evolving the stuff from the old records that still resonates with me and trying to write catchy songs (which is not a crime!) with what I’m feeling when I’m recording them now. The new songs I think are moodier. I feel like I’m kinda redesigning what “grunge” music did to my brain as a child and how there was something so captivating about the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole relying so heavily on the string parts to offset the guitars. I’m trying to produce something influenced by that music but without just going through the old playbook. My lyrics are leaning slightly towards the more literal, but I think I’m finding a balance between lines that speak directly to you in a song and lines that maybe paint something more abstract.

H&L: I know we’ve told you this before but we are huge fans of your sound when it’s backed by live drums, so I have to ask you something related to that.  We’ve seen you play in bands from the drummer to the bass player to the frontman but recently we noticed you doing something pretty unique during your live shows. In the video, you’re leading the band behind the drum kit while also singing. What went into that decision? Or is it as simple as it just being the natural next step before you’ve reached your final form as grunge Phil Collins?

Hattie: Natural step towards grunge Phil Collins. Nah, my old band had members go separate ways for different personal reasons, and when I put the band back together at some point I decided it’d be more fun and more adventurous for me to move back to drums. I think my producer Kurtis Schultz suggested it. It’s my first instrument and I felt like I had been sorta neglecting it. When I first jammed with the new band behind the kit I felt like I had control of the reigns again, which I realized was something I really missed. Drums drive the music! And they’re so fun to play in front of a crowd, so yeah, I’m stoked!


The full video for Lemon Fingers is set to premier on April 8 and can be found on, youtube, and @hattiekarate. You'll also be able to find it here on

Special thank you to Kenton Doupe for providing the photography.