"I don’t got no time if you don’t get it"

Car Wash video premiere & artist profile with LOGS.

Born and based in Saskatoon, LOGS is an emcee/producer that’s built his reputation around intricate cadences and washed out samples. His debut solo EP; Fall In The Forest (executive produced by Peter Lo) released in late 2019 and was followed shortly after by two singles in early 2020 (TIMB SZN, SASUGA). 

Now LOGS is set to release his Factor Chandelier produced EP Voyager on August 21st. Check out the video for the project’s first single below and continue on with us after the jump for an exclusive interview.

Full disclosure, another lifetime ago I knew LOGS as Logan. Every few Saturdays or so we would end up at the same parties and like clock work the night would end with us talking music. We would usually move towards the MPC and start screwing around with stuff that he was working on. 

We had slightly different tastes, his more underground, mine more melodic, but we always found common ground busting each other about what we were listening to. You know those arguments that you’re smiling through the entire time, these were those. 

Fast forward a decade, add in the perspective of a nearly fatal car accident, and LOGS is ready to release Voyager, his most rounded project yet. After a few listens and spending the day on set for Car Wash, we sat down to chat about it all...


Howard & Lloyd: So correct me if I’m wrong but I think I was around for your first stabs at writing way back when and I’ll never forget how much focused you were trying to figure it out. I could tell from the jump that this wasn’t just something you were just fucking around with, but something you would obsess about, where did that come from? 

LOGS: You were actually the first one to record me (laughs) I remember dippin out on parties in your parents backyard for my first attempts at recording in the basement with you. I'm still putting the MPD you gave me back then to work. I appreciate you saying that, I've never really seen song writing/making hip hop music as something to joke around with or as just a hobby and that’s just continued.

H&L: Ahhh the good ol’ days, so now you’ve evolved from rapping at those house parties to working with some of the best producers the prairies have to offer, what’s that progression been like?

LOGS: To be honest I don't really think about it, I have a lot of projects and people I want to work with so it's easy to stay 'hungry'. When I see artists lose their drive or passion it's kind of sad but I do feel that I don't fear that/can't really relate. I just want to keep evolving, ya know?

H&L: Being a prairie kid that’s into underground Hip-hop, you obviously knew of Factor long before you worked together. Without talking out of school too much, how did that relationship come together? And what’s it like working on start to finish on a full EP with someone you hold to such high regard.

LOGS: Oh of course, Factor is the OG. I first met him on the scene years ago as a fan, then we became acquaintances through my first crew, Unsatisfied Poets. We ran into each other in an alley a couple years back and agreed to link up to work on some shit. Since then we basically have been kickin it all the time. When he brought up doing an EP together I jumped all over it.

H&L: We spoke earlier about you getting more into production, was that a natural progression or what led to that?

LOGS: I feel really fortunate to be friends with all these dope producers I know (Eli Bebop, Anthony Law, Peter Lo, Factor Chandelier) but do think it's important to have my own influence on the production as well. I would say self sufficiency is key to being prolific, and not having to filter a vision through even the most talented co-creators is something I want to be able to do.

H&L: Many people probably don’t know but you were in a crazy accident that led to health complications that almost killed you. We’ve talked about this a bit in private and the way you took it in stride and is crazy. How did that accident change you as a person and maybe offer a new perspective on what you’re trying to do artistically?

LOGS: Definitely. I remember laying in the hospital bed post-surgery thinking about all the things I hadn't done yet. Thinking: “I can't die yet, there's too much I still have to do.” It was a reminder to get to work.

H&L: Last one. What do you want people to know about Voyager ahead of its release?

LOGS: That this is an EP to bump on the road trip, in the airport, in the back of the cab, and all over your city while you drip around with a fresh washed whip boiiiii!


LOGS new EP Voyager will be available August 21st and will be found wherever you stream your music. Special thank you to King Rose Visuals for providing the photography and shooting the video for Car Wash.